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This is a VIRTUAL Event via ZOOM

IEP Kung Fu | Point/Counterpoint
Karen “The Special Education Boss” Mayer Cunningham vs. Dr. Kurt Hulett

3 Rounds of Action-Packed “IEP Kung-Fu” for 1.5 Hours Each
(3 part webinar series)

2 Convenient Times Each Day
November 20, 2023 — 12-1:30 pm cst; 6-7:30 cst
December 4, 2023 — 12-1:30 pm cst; 6-7:30 cst
December 20, 2023 — 12-1:30 pm cst; 6-7:30 cst

“Ripped Straight from the 2023 Special Education Case Law and Due Process Headlines”

Dr. Kurt Hulett (representing the school district special education perspective) vs. Karen “The Special Education Boss” Cunningham

Taking a page from mock trials/debates and using the facts and details of real and recent due process hearings and court cases, Dr. Hulett and Karen Cunningham will spar in non-rehearsed, real-life IEP meeting situations where they represent each respective side. They both have one goal — to do what is best for the child in question and convince you, the webinar viewer, they have made a more compelling case than the other.

Dr. Mitch Yell, leading special education legal author, scholar, and second-level due process hearing officer, will officiate and commentate each round. Dr. Yell will provide legal analysis, insight, and provide commentary on both Dr. Hulett’s and Mrs. Cunningham’s strategies, soft skills, negotiation/influence tactics, and overall legal positioning.

Through polling questions, the audience will vote on who is more successful in arguing their point and representing their respective client/district.

This will be a fun, lively, humous, and deeply informative learning experience for school district leaders, parents, special education teachers, advocates, and anyone else interested in learning how to best help a child in contentious IEP meetings.

This event has been intentionally created to begin to narrow the gap between parents and school districts and to help both sides of the table learn from one another. Webinar viewers will be able to interact, ask questions, vote, and learn from some of the most passionate special educators in the country today.

***Zoom Links will be available prior to the Event.

*** Event will be recorded.  Registrants will have access to all recordings within 24 hours of the recording. Due to the nature of the event, no refunds will be issued.

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The Line Up

Karen Mayer Cunningham, Advocate, Special Education Boss

Karen Mayer Cunningham, Advocate, Special Education Boss, Keynote Speaker, Coach & Global Life Changer, and sometimes Comedian. The Boss has been educating families, educators, and leaders on how to successfully navigate the special education system, specifically IEPs and 504 for 25+ years. With a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, very direct, and effective approach, sprinkled with a little humor, approach she helps support children worldwide. Remember … “When we get it right for the child, we get it right for everyone.”

Dr. Mitch Yell

Dr. Mitch Yell is a leading special education legal author, scholar, and second-level due process hearing officer.

Dr. Kurt Hutlett

Dr. Kurt Hutlett – As a passionate educator and advocate for ALL children. Dr. Hutlett’s goal is to bring educators and stakeholders from all strata to work together for the benefit of all children. Dr. Hutlett wears several hats — educator, legal author, podcaster, advocate, vlogger, father, husband, consultant, volunteer, and super fan of college wrestling and football.